Cross Default Clause in Loan Agreements: An Essential Protection for Lenders

When lending money, it`s important to take necessary steps to protect your investment. One way to do this is by including a cross default clause in your loan agreement.

A cross default clause is a provision included in a loan agreement that states that if a borrower defaults on any other obligations they have, this will be considered as a default on the loan agreement that you have with them. This means that if the borrower defaults with any other lender, their debt to you becomes immediately due and payable.

Why include a cross default clause?

Including a cross default clause gives additional protection to lenders, as it allows them to take action quickly and efficiently if a borrower defaults on any other obligations they have. This clause protects the lender from being negatively impacted by any issues that arise with other creditors, as it enables the lender to demand the immediate payment of the loan if the borrower defaults elsewhere.

Without a cross default clause, a borrower could potentially default on other obligations without the lender knowing, which could put the loan agreement at risk and create uncertainty about the borrower`s financial situation.

Example of a cross default clause

Here`s an example of how a cross default clause may be worded in a loan agreement:

«Cross Default: Borrower shall be in default under this Agreement if, at any time, any default exists under any other material obligation of Borrower for borrowed money or for the payment of money due, whether under any other credit facility, indenture, or otherwise.»

It`s important to draft this clause carefully to ensure that it covers all material obligations that the borrower may have with other lenders.


In summary, including a cross default clause in a loan agreement is an essential protection for lenders. It allows them to take quick and efficient action if a borrower defaults on any other obligations, and ensures that they are not negatively impacted by any issues that arise with other creditors.

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